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Establishment of the Institute of Electrochemistry

The Institute of Electrochemistry, launched on October 1st, 2012 at Clausthal university of Technology with its founding director Prof. Frank Endres, is engaged in the investigation of electrochmistry, from elementary physical steps to technical applications.

The Institute of Electrochemistry has specialized in the field of ionic liquids. Due to their negligible vapour pressure at room temperautre and wide electrochemical windows of up to +- 3 volts vs. NHE they allow the investigation of processes which are inconceivable in classical solvents. Thus, fundamental electrochemistry can be done under ultra high vaccum conditions to explore anomalous double layer effects, and novel nano-structured battery materials such as e.g. aluminium and silicon nanowires can be produced and investigated. Furthermore, using ionic liquids the coating of complex materials like magnesium alloys or high and ultra-high strength steel grades with zinc and/or aluminium without risk of hydrogen embrittlement is feasable.



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